Discover another world, the nautical world from the beginning of the 20th century: those good old days….
Rose des vents
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Classic Boats Restoration

Restauration bateaux anciens

It is in a hangar of 600 m2 and in a tent of 800 m2 that classic boats are restored.

This workshop is perfect:

  • Comfortable place
  • A shear for the manipulation of boats and engineblocks
  • Dustfree area for varnishing
  • Direct acces through the pontoon of the freighter makes testing boats easier

Be assured that everything has been arranged to bring new life to your boat!


Restauration bateaux anciens

What do we do?

  • All carpentry works on structure, outside frame and decks
  • Welding
  • Mechanics
  • Varnishing and painting
  • Very good experience in working with epoxy resins

We take care of the manipulation of the boats, like lifting them out of the water and into the workshop, from the beginning untill the end, and completely safe !

Taller ships are safely stored in a huge tent during the complete restorationperiod.

Before                                                      After

restauration bateau avantrestauration bateau après



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